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Bournemouth Bootcamp is a local gym based in meyrick park. We have developed a very well equipped strength & conditioning gym containing all the tools and coaching you need to reach your goals. We welcome you to join us in our small, friendly, peer driven environment where everyone support each other in their individual fitness journey.

With the knowledge and experience of our coaching team we provide multiple services ranging from 1-on-1s, group exercise classes, strength & conditioning, injury management, olympic lifting and powerlifting. 

Our aim is to take the principles used by elite sports fitness coaching and provide this in a healthy, safe and effective exercise system that can be accessed by all abilities. 

Bournemouth Bootcamp is in partnership with D.N.A Strength and Conditioning, providers of high quality online fitness coaching.

Check out our extremely strong team of coaches below.

Luke Clarke 


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Favourite super Hero/villan: Iron Man 

Training goal: Strength & Power

Hobbies/Sport: Rugby, coaching, tennis & water sports. 

Areas of Expertise: Strength & Conditioning, Injury Management, Postural correction, olympic lifting, Sports competition prep & general fitness coaching.

Experience: Strength and Conditioning/Injury management intern at Hartpurys Elite rugby academy, S&C for England international rugby players, pro MMA fighters & semi pro football players. Coach at DW Fitness Branksome 2 years. 

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Sports Science, Level 5 sports nutrition, level 3 personal training, level 2 instructor (various Extra Q's), UKSCA accreditation pathway.

Phone: 07531479193
Email: luke@dnastrengthandconditioning.com

Luke has always had a huge interest in fitness and rugby. He then went on to play semi pro rugby while studying at university, but had to retire due to serious injury. Luke has a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science, is a certified level 3 personal trainer with a range of extra fitness qualifications. With 2 years in the fitness industry and a further 8 years of coaching, Luke has developed a huge amount of experience from professional athletes through to weightloss and injury rehabilitation clients. Luke has also worked with a number of local personal trainers helping them to advance their own coaching, allowing them to develop more as coaches. 

Daniel Linehan 


Favourite Superhero/villain: Deadpool

Training Goals: Strength & power

Hobbies & Sport: Rugby, coaching & attempting outdoor sports

Areas of Expertise: General strength & conditioning, Rugby S&C, Olympic Lifting & General fitness coaching
Experience: Elite academy rugby player, International rugby S&C coaching, semi-pro rugby and football S&C coaching.

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Sports Conditioning, Level 5 Sports Nutrition, Level 3 Personal Training, Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Various extra Q’s), UKSCA accreditation pathway. 

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Phone: 07531479193
Email: dan@dnastrengthandconditioning.com

After early retirement hit, Dan began to coach and train various athletes via online coaching whilst completing his BSc in Sports Conditioning. After finishing his degree and Level 3 personal training qualification, he began his fitness career aiming to help change peoples lives for the better. After 2 years working in the fitness industry and a further 7 years of coaching experience on top of this, Dan has a vast level of knowledge and practical experience necessary to guide you to achieving your fitness goals. Dan enjoys rugby, off road cycling and kayaking when the weather permits and is also a massive fan of Game of Thrones.