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Check out some of our amazing client results.


D.N.A Strength & Conditioning helped me feel comfortable and provided support when I first started out at the gym, the guys instilled a confidence which allowed me to progress and improve whilst at the gym. Their programmes have helped me massively in regards to football too, I am a lot stronger/quicker and bigger than I used to be which allows me to help dominate the midfield. As well as this, they create a program that's adjusted to your needs and what you want which is a massive factor and a reason to why the guys will help you do so well. Their input in time whether it being writing programmes, teaching new skills or providing nutritional knowledge can not be faulted and they are always there when you need them to be. The difference I feel in myself and my appearance now is massive in comparison to when I first started. 

Sharon ​

After an initial consultation with DNA in which we discussed my requirements and goals I began with a 3 days a week, 4 week program. This has progressed each cycle and is now a 4 days a week, 4 week program.

At the beginning of each new program the new sections are all explained and demonstrated so I have full confidence in executing everything correctly myself. At the end of each program I can see results and get excited to go again. We then discuss how I wish to progress and my new program is designed for me.

I used my training last year as preparation for Tough Mudder, and it gave me the stamina and strength for the course I completed.

I am on my 6th program and feel I have far exceeded my original expectations, but am now pushing myself for more!!

Each program is fresh, exciting and makes me push myself. I love it... exercise is now my guilty pleasure... Shhhhhhhhhh...


I started training with a personal trainer at university, however the sessions became very expensive and repetitive due to the amount of sessions I needed to do per week. My program supplied by D.N.A S&C provided me with a flexible and effective plan at a much more cost effective rate.

Since I’ve been on my program I have achieved results I didn’t think were possible and my coach guided me every step of the way, making the whole process easy to understand – which made the sessions more enjoyable and effective.

Callum ​

I would recommend this program to anyone. I really wanted to improve on my strength and this program made me so much stronger. All of my compound lifts increased by loads by the end of the programme. Now going back into football and starting pre-season I feel so much stronger and more powerful. I'm so happy with the gains I made and I can't wait to get started on another one of the programs. It really pushed me and I had to make sure I was eating properly and sleeping well ready to go again the next day – loved every minute of it!!!


When I first started training with D.N.A S&C, I had just started university and only had one season playing rugby for fitness reasons at a very amateur level. Since then, they have been providing me with rugby specific exercise training, that has helped me immensely in my performances. The programs helped me go from playing rugby as a hobby, to playing National 2 rugby standard and also secure my place with England Deaf Rugby Union as a starting hooker. The sessions were accurate to improve the physical attributes required for me to successfully play in my position. They were also very enjoyable, and as the programs changed every 4 weeks, they were never boring, as I had something new to look forward to in the gym every month! Not only that, they implemented progressions weekly to reach my maximal potential safely and effectively and in quick time. This meant that no session was ever the same. As a person who gets bored easily, this was perfect for me.

I highly recommend D.N.A Strength & Conditioning for any goal you may wish to achieve as I have discovered the coaches have a wide range of knowledge in personal training/strength and conditioning industry, and I have every confidence that, with their expertise, you will exceed your expectations and targets.


Great atmosphere, extremely friendly best S&C coaches iv worked with. Can't recommend enough. 5*


Bournemouth Bootcamp is LEGIT! The team here does an amazing job helping with Dedication, Motivation, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Affordable! They treat everyone like family and create a welcoming atmosphere. All walks of life will thrive and get results unlike anywhere else! If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, to get more Fit, more Energized, Healthier, Bournemouth Bootcamp is the place for YOU!